Pond Algae Control

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The Algae Sweeper is a practical, pain free tool used to remove algae with a simple sweep. Reducing the nutrient load with the Algae Skimmer makes the process of treating water bodies with algaecides, such as Coptrol, quicker and more effective.


NOTE: due to the size of the 152cm Algae Skimmer, shipping via courier can not be delivered to PO Boxes


– Improves water clarity
– Reduces odours
– Easy application

Aquatic Waterbac helps to restore the natural balance of your waterbody for better water clarity and nicer smelling water. Waterbac not only restores your waterbody, but prevents the growth of algae and aquatic weeds by removing excess phosphorus, nitrogen, nitrate, ammonia, decomposing organic matter, sludge and other excess nutrients.