Elevate your water quality with Parklink’s REGEN-Sediment®, a probiotic tablet formula that revitalizes sediment layers and optimises aquatic ecosystems, sold by The Dam Doctor.

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Enhance your water quality with Parklink’s REGEN-Sediment®, now available at The Dam Doctor. This probiotic tablet treatment targets sediment layers, introducing natural bacteria that help break down organic matter and restore the health of your water body.

Key Benefits of REGEN-Sediment®

  • Sediment Revitalisation: Rare earth elements and bacteria work to clean from the bottom up.
  • Probiotic Power: Promotes decomposition and clarity in the water.
  • Easy Application: Suitable for diverse aquatic environments.

Utilizing scientific innovation, REGEN-Sediment® by Parklink, sold through The Dam Doctor, offers a straightforward solution for maintaining healthier water bodies with long-term benefits.


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