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Getting our hands dirty

We pride ourselves on being swamp ninjas, being able to get in and remove whatever problem you have with minimal impact and manual removal is the perfect way to achieve this. No chemicals, no big machinery, just good old fashioned hard work. Anything from a full scale Salvinia or duckweed infestation to emergent species like water primrose (Ludwigia), cumbungi, or smartweeds (Persicaria), to a general maintenance and tidy up, we’ll jump in and get the dam back to the sparkling clear water you’re used to.

For any free-floating weeds such as Salvinia, water hyacinth, azolla, or duckweed, we produce the best results by trimming or removing any emergent plants such as lilies, reeds, rushes, or sedges (trimming means these will bounce back quickly if you like having these in the water) and then running our boom nets to trap the weed where we can shovel the material onto the dam bank.

“No chemicals, no big machinery, just good old fashioned hard work.”

Site removal is costly, but if it is required, then we will use our conveyor (Kenny) to assist us. An electric motor driven conveyor belt, Kenny powers through the weed sending it either into bags or a tipper. A tough old unit who loves the work, Kenny is also ideal for faster and easier removal on larger jobs.

All dam problems great and small.

How do I get rid of invasive pond plants or weeds?

Manual removal is a useful control method for most aquatic weeds. Particularly for lesser infestations, smaller waterbodies, or performed on heavier infestations prior to spraying (bulking out). Spraying large amounts of weed can lead to the dead and decaying plants to sink to bottom of the dam, leading to excessive silt, sludge, and nutrient overloads. High silt or nutrient levels may provide excessive “food” for other weed species or algae to thrive on.

Manual removal is effective because the weeds are taken away from the waterbody, where they can be disposed of appropriately (preferably burnt), and won’t impact further on the waterbody.

Do dams require maintenance?

Just like maintaining a healthy and visually appealing garden, dams require ongoing maintenance to prevent them from being overgrown with weeds or overrun by other unwanted problems. Even if your waterbody isn’t overrun with aquatic weed, then a trim or thinning out (think like pruning your garden) of aquatic plants, is an effective way to keep your waterbody at its peak.

Then, just like a heathy garden, a healthy dam will attract a wide variety of birds and wildlife, as well as remaining productive for whatever purpose your dam serves – fish stocking, stock watering, irrigation, recreation, or decorative.

Water Weed Removers

Suffering from Salvinia? No problems. Got water hyacinth woes? Too easy. Our team of Swamp Ninjas are ready and waiting to tackle your dam problems.

Dam & Pond Rejuvenators

Murky turbid water, or algal blooms giving you problems? With a wide range of environmentally friendly products, we have the answer to bring your dam or pond back to life.

Fountain & Waterfall Installations

The Dam Doctor can work with you to provide custom aeration solutions that not only promote a healthy waterbody, but also look fantastic!

Dam & Ponds Builds

Dams and ponds are a great way to enhance your property. Whatever use you have in mind – fish stocking, recreational, decoration, irrigation, or livestock watering, we can make your dream waterbody a reality.


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