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The Dam Doctor offers maintenance to dams and ponds in South East Qld. 

Service included and are not limited to manual removal of aquatic weeds and plants. Pump installation or replacements, aerator installation, fountain installation, waterfall installation, water treatments (beneficial bacteria, flocculant ect.) and we can also stock your dam, pond or water features with native Australian fish.

The Dam Doctor is an approved contractor to the Sunshine Coast Council and the Brisbane City Council we have also done work for many other councils in SEQ. The Dam Doctor has been established for over 20 years over those years we have serviced and maintained many water ways.

Manuel Weed Removal in Dams

Manual Removal

We pride ourselves on being swamp ninjas, being able to get in and remove whatever problem you have with minimal impact and manual removal is the perfect way to achieve this. No chemicals, no big machinery, just good old fashioned hard work. Anything from a full-scale aquatic weed infestations, to general maintenance and tidy up. We’ve seen, and done it all.

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Excavation Removal of Weed in Ponds, Lakes, Dams

Excavation removal

For large waterbodies the fastest, and therefore most cost effective, method to remove large (multi-layered) infestations of free floating or emergent weeds, or silt islands we will use an excavator. Our ticketed operator is a qualified landscaper and will be sure to leave the site as neat as he found it.

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Aquatic Herbicide Spraying for Dams, Ponds

Aquatic herbicide spraying

Spraying is a quick and effective way to attack small infestations, or as part of ongoing maintenance. Our commercial grade aquatic herbicides are effective against submerged, emergent, or free-floating weeds. With our amphibious vehicle, Jason, we can target all species of aquatic weed across any waterbody.

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Our Products


Elevate the health and clarity of your water bodies with Parklink’s BioBoost Aeration system, a cutting-edge solution now offered by The Dam Doctor. Implementing groundbreaking bubble technology, it enhances oxygen transfer and circulation, combats stratification, and ensures a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

BioBoost’s specialty media supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, which naturally outcompetes algae for nutrients, leading to crystal clear, healthy water. Ideal for pond owners seeking an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to chemical treatments, BioBoost Aeration ushers in a new era of water body management.


Boost your pond’s aesthetic and health at once with Dyofix Pond Black Liquid. This unique product from Parklink not only beautifies your pond with a striking black colour, it also prevents the growth of algae and aquatic weeds. Crafted with utmost safety in mind, it’s gentle on your pond’s inhabitants and foliage. Easy to use and effective,  this top-notch solution is now available on the Dam Doctor.


To treat, eradicate, and prevent cyanobacteria, use REGEN-CyaNo.

The active element in REGEN-CyaNo, which is approved for the selective control of cyanobacteria in lakes, ponds, potable water, aquaculture, and wastewater, causes a strong oxidation reaction that obliterates chlorophyll and algal cell membranes, giving fast algae control.

To preserve your lakes, fishing and farming ponds, aquaculture sites, and other private water bodies attractive and secure, REGEN-CyaNo is the best option.

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