REGEN-Enhancer 9.5L

REGEN-Enhancer 9.5L


Empower your water care with Parklink’s REGEN-Enhancer® from The Dam Doctor—accelerate treatments, manage algae, and maintain balance in aquatic environments. Enhanced for hard water, it effectively breaks down organic waste, ensuring a thriving ecosystem.

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Introducing the REGEN-Enhancer 9.5L now available at The Dam Doctor, designed to revolutionise your water body management strategy. Experience a clean and naturally balanced aquatic ecosystem while dealing efficiently with filamentous algae using our innovative solution.

REGEN-Enhancer: The Perfect Catalyst

REGEN-Enhancer is a natural catalyst that accelerates the performance of chemical treatments such as algaecides or herbicides. Our unique blend of enzymes, cultures, fungi, and stimulants work synergistically to speed up the breakdown of dead algae and aquatic plants. By targeting dead algae and decomposing plants on a cellular level, the Enhancer significantly reduces their nutrient contribution, curbing future unwanted growth.


For combination with algaecides or herbicides:

*Ideally, combine with AquaSticker for effective treatment of planktonic algae and water plants.
**Avoid direct mixing with algaecides that contain peroxide.

Surface Acres Filamentous Algae Planktonic Algae* Aquatic Plants*
1/4 0.47 – 2.8 litres 0.47 – 0.95 litres 0.47 – 1.9 litres
1/2 0.95 – 5.7 litres 0.95 – 1.9 litres 0.95 – 3.8 litres
1 1.9 – 11.3 litres 1.9 – 3.8 litres 1.9 – 7.6 litres
5 9.5 – 57 litres 9.5 – 19 litres 9.5 – 38 litres
10 19 – 114 litres 19 – 38 litres 19 – 76 litres
100 189 – 1135 litres 76 – 379 litres 189 – 757 litres

Enhanced Performance in Hard Water

One notable advantage of REGEN-Enhancer is that it enhances copper algaecide performance, particularly in hard water applications where reduced copper solubility usually translates to reduced performance. Note that REGEN-Enhancer alone does not kill anything.


Q: How does the product work?
A: REGEN-Enhancer is a catalyst that accelerates chemical treatments like algaecides or herbicides, speeding up the breakdown of dead algae and aquatic plants while encouraging naturally occurring bacteria.

Q: Does this product kill algae or plants?
A: No, this product alone does not kill anything. It is designed to be used in conjunction with algaecides and herbicides to enhance their effectiveness.

Q: Can REGEN-Enhancer be used in hard water?
A: Yes, the product is especially useful in hard water applications, where it improves the performance of copper algaecides.

Q: What is the size/capacity of REGEN-Enhancer?
A: It is available in a 9.5L container.

Discover the perfect solution for tackling filamentous algae and maintaining a harmonious aquatic ecosystem with REGEN-Enhancer® 9.5L, now available on The Dam Doctor.


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