Parklink REGEN-Reflect® Powder

REGEN-Reflect® Powder


Parklink’s REGEN-Reflect®, designed for 400,000 litres of water, uniquely combines primary colours to discretely shade and safeguard lakes. By minimising sunlight penetration, it inhibits algae and underwater weed growth to maintain natural beauty.

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Parklink introduces REGEN-Reflect®, a natural-appearing lake dye expertly formulated for enhancing the water quality of lakes, including those within historically significant landscapes. This innovative dye is capable of treating up to 400,000 litres, achieving a pristine appearance without the artificially colored look.

REGEN-Reflect® masterfully combines primary colors to simulate the water’s inherent hue, casting a subtle underwater shadow that limits sunlight penetration. The result is a remarkable reduction in algae and submerged weed growth, ensuring your lake maintains its natural allure and ecological health.

Instructions for Dosing

One packet of REGEN-Reflect® Powder is sufficient for up to 400,000 litres of water.

To ascertain your pond’s volume, compute as follows:

  • Multiply Width (m) x Length (m) x Depth (m) and then multiply by 1,000 to convert to Litres.
  • To achieve a more intense color, you are at liberty to introduce more sachets as desired.
  • For continuous effectiveness, we recommend reapplication on a monthly basis.
  • Rest assured, there’s no risk of overdosing with this product.

Should you have any uncertainties regarding the dosage or how to apply REGEN-Reflect® Powder, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ‘The Dam Doctor’. Our experts are here to provide you with assistance and advice tailored to your needs.


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