Parklink Dyofix Pond Blue Liquid 300ml

Dyofix Pond Blue Liquid 300ml


Now available at The Dam Doctor, top-grade Dyofix safely and effectively controls algae growth and weeds. Crafted with high-quality colours, Dyofix obstructs red spectrum wavelengths, inhibiting photosynthesis and ensuring a pristine aquatic environment without harming any inhabitants.

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Experience Dyofix Pond Blue Liquid, available now at The Dam Doctor— a top-grade solution crafted with the highest quality colours meeting European Food Additive Standards. It strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and safety, ensuring no harm to your fish, wildlife, insects, or pets.

What makes Dyofix Pond Blue Liquid so special?

The key lies in its working principle. Algae and weeds thrive on sunlight, but Dyofix intelligently tweaks the water column to partially block red spectrum wavelengths. This simple yet effective method disrupts photosynthesis, sternly holding back the growth of submerged algae and pesky weeds, maintaining immaculate and safe waters in your haven.


First, determine your pond’s total water volume. For every 300 litres, you’ll need 1ml of Dyofix Pond Blue Liquid. Begin by partially filling a watering can with water from your pond, then add the appropriate amount of dye. Stir well. Distribute the mixture across various areas of the pond for even dispersal of the dye. To keep the dye concentration consistent, apply 10-20% of the initial amount on a monthly basis. It’s best to start the first treatment in early Spring for optimal results.

Should you have any inquiries about the dosage or application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ‘The Dam Doctor’. We’re here to assist you in achieving the best results for your pond.


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