Excavation removal


Right tools for the job

While we do prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, we are only human and sometimes we have to call in some backup. For large waterbodies the fastest method, and therefore most cost effective, to remove infestations of multi-layered Salvinia, large mats of mud plantain (kidney leaf), water primrose and water hyacinth, or silt islands, we will use an excavator. Our ticketed operator is a qualified landscaper, consequently he will give the banks a good tidy up (where trees are not an obstacle), and be sure to leave the site as neat as he found it.

“Our ticketed operator is a qualified landscaper and will be sure the leave the site as neat as he found it.”

Site removal is costly, but if it is required then we can accommodate.

Manual removal is just the a part of the process.

How do I stop water weeds from coming back?

Once introduced, it can be difficult to completely eradicate a weed, or any plant, from a waterbody. Manual removal is an effective method to get a waterbody back to a manageable state, but any plants in your dam or pond will grow back. The same way your lawn does no matter how many times you mow it.

Eradication is usually achieved by implementing multiple control methods- manual removal, spraying, and other water management systems such as adding aeration, beneficial bacteria, and planting native species, over an extended period of time.

Maintaining a balance

A healthy dam should support desired plant species. These plants will help to consume nutrients, ideally outcompeting unwanted weeds or algae. Reducing weeds and algae will improve dissolved oxygen levels of your water body, in turn supporting larger variety of fish, birds and other wildlife. Improved water quality will reduce instances and severity of bacterial infections, making water safe for drinking and swimming, more productive for stock watering, and reduce nasty odours. Removing vegetation wholesale (via excess spraying) can lead to excess erosion, high turbidity and silt build-up, weed infestations and restrict biological diversity.

That is why we recommend manual removal for bringing waterbodies back to manageable levels, and then employing other controls to reduce the impact, and hopefully eradicate, unwanted weed species in a waterbody.

Water Weed Removers

Suffering from Salvinia? No problems. Got water hyacinth woes? Too easy. Our team of Swamp Ninjas are ready and waiting to tackle your dam problems.

Dam & Pond Rejuvenators

Murky turbid water, or algal blooms giving you problems? With a wide range of environmentally friendly products, we have the answer to bring your dam or pond back to life.

Fountain & Waterfall Installations

The Dam Doctor can work with you to provide custom aeration solutions that not only promote a healthy waterbody, but also look fantastic!

Dam & Ponds Builds

Dams and ponds are a great way to enhance your property. Whatever use you have in mind – fish stocking, recreational, decoration, irrigation, or livestock watering, we can make your dream waterbody a reality.


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