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Spraying is a quick and effective way to attack small infestations, or as part of ongoing maintenance – spot spraying any new infestations before they can take over your waterbody and become a major problem. If the weed infestation is too far advanced, then manual removal is recommended prior to any spraying. Why do manual removal prior to spraying? Because it not only makes spraying more effective, meaning fewer applications and less chemical are required, but also reduce the amount of dead material left behind. If too much dead material is left in the waterbody, then it can cause a nutrient overload leading to further complications such as excessive silt and algae blooms.

Our commercial grade aquatic herbicides are effective against submerged, emergent or free-floating weeds. With our amphibious vehicle, Jason, we can target all species of weed across any waterbody.

Is spraying safe? While we do have people, fish, stock and wildlife friendly options available for use against free floating weeds, some of our herbicides for submerged and emergent weeds has a 10-day withholding period when used in water that is designated for human consumption, irrigation or livestock watering.

“Our commercial grade aquatic herbicides are effective against submerged, emergent or free-floating weeds.”

Algae or murky/muddy turbid water causing you problems? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too. We have a range of people, fish, stock and wildlife safe algaecides and flocculants available to clear up your waterbody and getting it back to the crystal clear water that you’re after.

Prevention is always the best cure.

What causes algae or aquatic weeds to grow?

Large amounts of nutrient, particularly in the form of phosphorous and nitrogen, combined with warm weather and plentiful sunshine can cause weeds or algae to flourish. Left untreated they can overrun a system, choking out native species, render the waterbody unusable, and in extreme cases, become a health risk. Prevention is always the best cure. Limiting nutrients in a waterbody can be achieved with methods such as reducing runoff with sediment traps, planting and promotion of native plant species, using fertilizers sparingly around waterbodies, aeration, and adding beneficial bacteria (to “eat” excess nutrient before the weed or algae can).

However, if algae or aquatic weeds have taken hold, we have plenty of options available to bring the dam back to former glory.

Why use an aquatic herbicide?

Spraying of aquatic weeds can be a fast and effective way to control weed infestations, but it is not suitable for every situation. Before choosing to spray, you need to take into account the use of the waterbody; herbicides may have a withholding period, which will interrupt the normal dam function, or the wrong herbicide may cause unwanted side effects. Consider if spraying is right for your situation first, then research the best herbicides available for your target species. If you choose to spray yourself, then always follow the instructions for application rates, and use the appropriate PPE.

Some herbicides may require a license to spray in your area, check with your local government if you are unsure.

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Suffering from Salvinia? No problems. Got water hyacinth woes? Too easy. Our team of Swamp Ninjas are ready and waiting to tackle your dam problems.

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Murky turbid water, or algal blooms giving you problems? With a wide range of environmentally friendly products, we have the answer to bring your dam or pond back to life.

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