Dyofix Pond Black Liquid 300ml

Dyofix Pond Black Liquid 300ml


Boost your pond’s aesthetic and health at once with Dyofix Pond Black Liquid. This unique product from Parklink not only beautifies your pond with a striking black colour, it also prevents the growth of algae and aquatic weeds. Crafted with utmost safety in mind, it’s gentle on your pond’s inhabitants and foliage. Easy to use and effective,  this top-notch solution is now available on the Dam Doctor.

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Discover Parklink’s Dyofix Pond Black Liquid, now available at The Dam Doctor. Engineered for smaller bodies of water, this potent solution disrupts the growth of algae and weeds, while enhancing your pond’s aesthetic appeal with a striking black hue. Safe for ponds with surface-level plants and aquatic life, Dyofix Pond Black supplements the health of your pond with great care.

How It Works

A simple yet scientific process drives the Dyofix Pond Black Liquid. It modifies the water column to obstruct certain sunlight wavelengths crucial for photosynthesis and growth of aquatic plants and algae. By doing so, it restricts their growth while illuminating your pond with a fascinating black shine.

Dose Rates

Although we recommend professional consultation for exact doses, generally, 300ml of Dyofix Pond Black Liquid can treat up to 1,800,000 litres of pond water. The dosage may vary as per severity of the problem and the specific needs of your pond.


Q: Is Dyofix Pond Black harmful to marine life?
A: Absolutely not. Dyofix Pond Black is crafted to be perfectly safe for aquatic life and surface-level plants in your pond.

Q: Does Dyofix Pond Black affect the visibility of fish?
A: Yes, the dye darkens the pond surface, which can limit visibility of fish.

Q: How frequently should the dose be repeated?
A: It generally depends on specific pond conditions, including amount of sunlight, rainfall, and water evaporation. However, annual treatment is typically sufficient.


  • Disrupts Algae and Weed Growth: By blocking sunlight, it limits the proliferation of harmful aquatic plants and algae.
  • Enhances Aesthetic Appeal: Sets an engaging tone for your pond with a unique black color.
  • Safe for Marine Life: Designed keeping in mind the safety of aquatic inhabitants and surface-level plants.
  • Economical: A 300ml bottle can treat massive amounts of water, up to 1,800,000 litres, making it a cost-effective solution.


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