Weighted Aeration Tubing 3/8" x 30.5m

Weighted Aeration Tubing 3/8″ x 30.5m


Weighted Aeration Tubing is the perfect way to connect the aeration unit to a bottom diffuser in ponds and water features. Puncture resistant, kink free, lead free, fish safe, and UV resistant, the black self-weighted tubing is easy to install. Naturally sinking out of sight at the bottom of water features and ponds.

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This Weighted Aeration Tubing is easy to install, making it a perfect way to connect the aeration unit to a bottom diffuser in most ponds and water features. Unlike other unweighted tubing, this tubing will naturally sink to the bottom of the water feature, improving the aesthetic by keeping it hidden. The smooth interior is designed to reduce system pressure requirements by decreasing friction and maximising air-flow.

Weighted Aeration Tubing is lead free, fish safe, UV resistant, and coloured black to help camouflage it at the bottom of your water feature or pond. Constructed from puncture resistant, thick walled, extruded PVC the tubing will not kink and, thanks to its all-weather rating, remains flexible even in colder temperatures.

Weighted Aeration Tubing has a 3/8” interior, minimum 2” bend radius and is made in the USA.


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