Heavy Duty Underlayment

Heavy Duty Underlayment 170gsm – 2m Wide per lineal metre

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The Heavy Duty Underlayment is the most reliable product to ensure your liner is protected from sharp objects. We use the best products to ensure the best results, with the underlayment being the same product used by Certified Aquascape Contractors around Australia.


The polypropylene fibers within the underlay are made from the highest quality, being needle punched to create a network of firm dimensional fibers. The 170gsm underlay is recommended to be placed underneath larger rocks, boulders or statues although can be used to prevent sharp objects puncturing the liner from both above and below when used as a pad. Not only is it great as a protective agent, the heavy duty underlay can also protect the liner from the accumulation of unwanted gases and moisture from underneath the liner. You may be wondering how exactly this product will fit to suit your desired project. The the heavy duty underlay can be cut to your desired length to make the job as convenient as possible within minimal effort.


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