REGEN-Blue® Powder

REGEN-Blue® Powder


REGEN-Blue® Powder from Parklink is a game-changer for all water bodies. This premium product disrupts photosynthesis by modifying the water column, restricting algae, and weed growth. Unleash superior care with REGEN-Blue® Powder.

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The Dam Doctor is proud to present REGEN-Blue® Powder, a premier solution from the Parklink product range. These products cater to water bodies of all sizes, from charming garden ponds to extensive lakes.

Each batch of REGEN-Blue® Powder is developed using top-grade colourants, ensuring that the quality remains un-compromised. These colourants adhere to the stringent European Food Additive Standards, guaranteeing you receive the best product possible.

What sets REGEN-Blue® Powder apart?

The powder revolves around understanding the dependence of algae and weeds on sunlight for growth. REGEN-Blue® Powder is designed to modify the water column, selectively blocking wavelengths from the red spectrum.

This intentional manipulation disrupts the photosynthesis process, substantially restricting the growth and spread of submerged algae and weeds.

Discover the complete Parklink product line and provide your water bodies with the exceptional care they deserve with REGEN-Blue® Powder, now available at The Dam Doctor.

Application Instructions

To determine the amount of REGEN-Blue® Powder required, first measure your pond’s volume:

To calculate, use: Width (m) x Length (m) x Depth (m) x 1,000 = Volume in Litres.

For every million litres of water, use one 100g sachet of REGEN-Blue® Powder. If you desire a deeper hue, feel free to introduce additional sachets—you cannot over-apply this product.

For maintained results, reapply monthly.

If you have questions about how much to use or how to apply REGEN-Blue® Powder, please contact us at ‘The Dam Doctor’. Our team is here to ensure you get the most from your product with ease.


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