BioBoost Aeration

BioBoost Aeration


Elevate the health and clarity of your water bodies with Parklink’s BioBoost Aeration system, a cutting-edge solution now offered by The Dam Doctor. Implementing groundbreaking bubble technology, it enhances oxygen transfer and circulation, combats stratification, and ensures a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

BioBoost’s specialty media supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, which naturally outcompetes algae for nutrients, leading to crystal clear, healthy water. Ideal for pond owners seeking an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to chemical treatments, BioBoost Aeration ushers in a new era of water body management.

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Rediscover the vitality of your water body with BioBoost Aeration, now available on The Dam Doctor. Leveraging advanced aeration systems, BioBoost dramatically surpasses conventional methods that have been static for decades.

BioBoost works diligently by breaking up and separating bubbles which increase rise time and optimise oxygen transfer. Its unique design broadens the rising water column area, fostering intense turbulence throughout the water. Such meticulous circulation eliminates stratification, encourages off-gassing, and ensures even oxygen distribution.

BioBoost doesn’t stop there — it also nurtures beneficial bacteria in its specially designed media. By providing an ideal structure for beneficial microbes to proliferate, BioBoost sets the stage for algae combat. With consistently circulating water and boosted oxygen levels, the beneficial microbes thrive and outgrow algae, thereby starving them of their nutrient source — the organic pollutants in the water.

Say goodbye to the unending process of algae cycling and reduce the need for constant chemical intervention. Opt for BioBoost Aeration — a smart, efficient solution to elevate your water body’s health and longevity.

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