Aquatic Weed Razer Pro

Aquatic Weed Razer Pro


The Aquatic Weed Razer removes problematic, hidden aquatic weeds from your pond, dam or lake effortlessly.

  • Adjustable V-shaped blades
  • Folds – making storage easy
  • Weighs 4.8kg
  • Cuts a path 1.57m wide
  • Includes a 7.6m floating rope and a handheld blade sharpener

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You will not find a more practical tool to remove both submerged and surface weeds. Why get in the water when you could invest in the Weed Razer to eliminate weeds effectively with the added bonus of the product being a cost effective solution for your weeding problems. The Aquatic Weed Razer is shaped specifically to make the process of cutting up stubborn weeds and debris in your waterway as simple and time efficient as possible. The Weed Razer is the solution, cutting through practically any species of submerged vegetation, even those with strong roots. Watch the Aquatic Weed Razer eliminate anything from Milfoil  to Lily Pads, Pond Weeds and even Cumbungi.


About the Aquatic Weed Razer;

  • Adjustable/ Versatile
  • Weights 4.8kg
  • Dimensions: Blade – 81.28cm, Pole – 157.48cm
  • Cuts path up to 1.57 wide
  • 6m floating rope included
  • Razer comes adjustable to make for the most efficient vegetation removal for your waterway



  • Throw
  • Let weed Razer sink
  • Pull back
  • Repeat process


Benefits of the Weed Razer;

  • Throwing is simple from both land and boat
  • Weighing 4.8kg, the Weed Rake is light enough to throw 8m plus
  • Cuts into both deep and shallow waters
  • Targets base of troublesome weeds
  • Offers little to no resistance, meaning you don’t need to drag in order to see results
  • Cut weeds can be collected with the Weed Rake
  • Comes included with a 7.6m rope and handheld razer sharpener
  • Cutting edges made with stainless steel
  • Galvanised Steel Handle intended for long-term use



Weed Razer Pro Documentation PDF



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