Aquatic Weed Razer & Rake

Aquatic Weed Razer & Weed Rake


The perfect duo to rid your water-body of aquatic weeds and debris!


Aquatic Weed Razer:

  • Best suited fir larger bodies of water
  • V shaped blade
  • Cuts a path of 0.84m wide
  • Weighs 3.6kg
  • Comes with a 7.6 floated rope
  • Includes a blade sharpener


Aquatic Weed Rake:

  • Extendable pole up to 3m
  • Includes a floating rope to pull in weed rake
- +


The Aquatic Weed Rake is a cost-effective, effortless tool used to control weeds within your pond, dam or lake instantly. It is one of the longest and widest aquatic rakes currently sold, meaning it provides fast results whilst also being easy and safe to use. With the Aquatic Weed Rake the days of getting in the water to clean your waterway are over! Not only are you getting rid of the current weeds with the Aquatic Weed Rake, removing the roots and stems can slow down, or even eliminate, the regrowth of new weeds. The Aquatic Weed rake provides all the solutions to your problems, as it not only controls your weeds but rids organic matter on your waterways surface that leads to algae growth. The Aquatic Weed Rake weighs 3.1kg, making it lightweight and safe to use.



The Aquatic Razer is a weed cutter containing razer-sharp blades in a V-shape, with its purpose to cut up those pesky aquatic debris and weeds. It provides instant results whilst being simple and easy to use. The Aquatic Razer is capable of cutting through a variety of different vegetation, ranging from Milfoil to Lily Pads, ponds weeds or roots, and even Cumbungi. Just like the Aquatic Weed Rake, when using the Aquatic Weed Razer there is no need to get in the water, just throw and let the product do it all for you.



  • Should be operated by hand only. DO NOT pull behind boat or other machine operated equipment
  • Do not use with children within the nearby area
  • Do not use whilst others are present in the water
  • Whilst handling, use gloves
  • DO NOT touch sharp edge of the blade with bare hands
  • When not in use, blade covers must remain on
  • Before use, check bolts are connections are in place
  • Avoid areas with underwater structures
  • When not in use, store in a safe area away from children

Weed Rake Product Brochure PDF


Weed Razer Product Brochure PDF



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