Razer Rake

Razer Rake


  • Made with galvanized steel and aluminum
  • Long lasting
  • Collapses to be smaller than a shovel!
  • Digs out weed roots/removes debris floating on waters surface
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The Razer Rake is long-lasting and light, constructed using galvanised steel and aluminum. The rakes teeth are specifically designed to manage and care for aquatic vegetation, providing 91cm of surface area for harvesting. Each tooth of the rake form a chiselled edge to make tasks such as cutting/digging out weed roots in your pond, lake or dam effortless. Whilst also clearing free-floating debris and weeds from the water’s surface.


The Razer Rake is 274cm with a 7.6cm rope length, weighing 2.72kg which can be folded for easy storage. When ordered, the box will include the Rake Head, handle, 7.6m rope, floats with Velcro straps and nuts and bolts included for rope attachment. You are sure for a long lasting Razer Rake with the power coated aluminum handle being sure not to rust or corrode. It’s as easy snapping the handle together to the fully assembled rake head and you’re ready to go!



Its as simple as;

1- Throw it in the water

2- Let Rake sink

3- Pull back to you pulling up weeds

4- Repeat process


Azolla Treatment Quide Guide PDF


Duckweed Treatment Quick Guide PDF


Salvinia Treatment Quick Guide PDF


Azolla Manual PDF


Duckweed Manual PDF


Salvinia Manual PDF



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