Aquatic Weed Razer

Aquatic Weed Rake


The days of getting in the water to clean your waterway are over, just throw the aquatic Weed Rake in from the shoreline to instantly rid your dam, lake or pond of debris.

The Weed Rake includes;

  • Extendable pole
  • Floating rope to pull in rake
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The Aquatic Weed Rake is a cost-effective, effortless tool used to control weeds within your pond, dam or lake instantly. It is one of the longest and widest aquatic rakes currently sold, meaning it provides fast results whilst also being easy and safe to use.


With the Aquatic Weed Rake the days of getting in the water to clean your waterway are over! Not only are you getting rid of the current weeds with the Aquatic Weed Rake, removing the roots and stems can slow down, or even eliminate, the regrowth of new weeds. The Aquatic Weed rake provides all the solutions to your problems, as it not only controls your weeds but rids organic matter on your waterways surface that leads to algae growth.


The Aquatic Weed Rake weighs 3.1kg, making it lightweight and safe to use. For optimum results, use in conjunction with the Aquatic Razer.


The Aquatic Weed Rake is perfect for;

  • Keeping your pond, dam or lake free of floating water weeds and organic matter
  • Assembling large mats of floating matter with the supersized rake head
  • Removing matter from the bottom of your waterway
  • Pulling weeds


Product Description;

  • Comes in a box 5.1cm x 12.7cm x 99cm
  • Includes four-section handle that snaps together to becomes extendable, giving you 3.3 meters of reach
  • Comes with a 13 metre rope to pull in weed rake from the shoreline

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