Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer 95cm

Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer 95cm-152cm


The safest way to remove Azolla and Salvinia from your Pond or Dam instantly!

  • Instant results
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick and simple to use
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The Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer is made to make the process of removing Azolla and Salvinia from your water surface quick and easy. The skimmer is designed with tailored mesh to make it the most effective cleaning method.


Why physical removal?

Physical removal of these weeds is a necessity if your aiming to clear free floating Azolla and Salvinia weeds from your ponds in a short amount of time, whilst even partial removal of these weeds can increase the effectiveness of weeds killing concentrates in your water. The Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer aims to speed up treatments and give new life to your water. The process of physically removing free-floating weeds from your water surface decreases the occurrence of future blooms as it decreases nutrient densities inside your water. This is due to aquatic vegetation thriving off of nutrient rich water, therefore using the Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer not only rids your water of weeds but prevents future growth. Freshen up your pond whilst also making it look great with the Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer.


How to use:

The Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer clears and path within your waterway by skimming free-floated vegetation and weeds, whilst capturing the weeds you’ve skimmed. As you lift the skimmer out of the water, it traps the weeds you’ve caught ready for disposal.


Please note that the colour of mesh may vary between the two sizes.

Azolla Treatment Quide Guide PDF


Azolla Manual PDF


Salvinia Treatment Quick Guide PDF


Salvinia Manual PDF



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