Aquatic Weed Razer

Aquatic Weed Razer


Want to eliminate or control your weeds? The Weed Razer is the perfect combination of products to get the job done, removing unseen and problematic aquatic weeds from your pond, dam or lake ine a pain free swipe.

  • Ideal for larger bodies of water
  • V shaped blade
  • Includes a 7.6m floated rope
  • Comes included with a blade sharpener
  • Cuts a path 0.84m wide
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Want to eliminate or control your weeds? The Weed Razer is the perfect combination of products to get the job done!

The Aquatic Razer is a weed cutter containing razer-sharp blades in a V-shape, with its purpose to cut up those pesky aquatic debris and weeds. It provides instant results whilst being simple and easy to use. The days of getting in the water yourself are over! The Aquatic Razer is capable of cutting through a variety of different vegetation, ranging from Milfoil to Lily Pads, ponds weeds or roots, and even Cumbungi.



  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Dimensions: Blade – 83.82cm, Width – 121.92cm, Pole – 157.48cm
  • Cuts path 0.84m wide
  • Includes a 7.6m floating rope
  • Fixed Razer



  • Easy to throw from both land and boats
  • Light weight to throw 8m or further
  • Cuts into both deep and shallow water
  • Targets the base root of tough weeds
  • Offers little to no resistance due to cutting motion instead of dragging
  • Cuts weeds which can be collected with the weed rake
  • Comes included with a 7.6m rope and handheld blade sharpener
  • Stainless steel edge
  • Galvanised steel handle for long term usage



  • Should be operated by hand only. DO NOT pull behind boat or other machine operated equipment
  • Do not use with children within the nearby area
  • Do not use whilst others are present in the water
  • Whilst handling, use gloves
  • DO NOT touch sharp edge of the blade with bare hands
  • When not in use, blade covers must remain on
  • Before use, check bolts are connections are in place
  • Avoid areas with underwater structures
  • When not in use, store in a safe area away from children



  • Throw in the water
  • Let product sink
  • Pill it back towards you
  • Repeat process until you are satisfied



Download Weed Razer Product Brochure PDF



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