Muck Razer

Muck Razer


The Muck Razer removes aquatic weeds from the root whilst reducing the build-up of muck.

  • 6 inch drum, steel teeth with an aluminium handle
  • Designed to suit both water and shoreline
  • Ultimate combo when in conjunction with the Weed Razer and Weed Rake
  • Easily Stored

NOTE: due to the size of the Muck Razer, shipping is via courier and can NOT be delivered to PO Box.

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The Aquatic Muck Razer is the newest addition to the Aquatic Weed Control tool family. It removes aquatic weeds from the root, making it the perfect trio when used in conjunction with the Weed Rake and Weed Razer to rid your dam of unwanted aquatic weeds. Simple and easy to use, the Muck Razer is rolled along the dam floor where it uproots aquatic weeds by its roots and reduces the build-up of muck. This will leave you with a weed free zone to perform recreational activities hassle free. Using the Weed Razer to cut vegetation, the Weed Rake for removal and the Muck Razer to get to the root of your weed and muck problem creates the elite underwater mower!



  • Teeth on a deflected angle for pulling roots and oxygenating mucky sediment
  • 6 inch drunk making rolling easier
  • Long teeth to dig deep into the dam floor and overturning static sediment



Step 1 – Before use, stand in a stable area. Roll Muck Razer head into the water, allowing it to fill up. This added weight will keep it firmly on the pond, dam or lake’s bottom.

Step 2 – Roll the drum back and forth over area needing improvement. This can be accomplished by walking in and out of water or pulling/pulling drum with handle.

Step 3 – The closer you hand is to the drum, the more downwards pressure will be applied. If muck build up in the area you are working in is deep, start by not applying downwards pressure, then gradually build up to it. This process may be accomplished over a period of time depending on how deep the muck build up is.

3a – If water becomes to cloudy to see, stop and resume process later when water becomes more visible.

3b – The Muck Razer requires to be used regularly to show the improvement you desire.





Azolla Treatment Quide Guide PDF


Duckweed Treatment Quick Guide PDF


Salvinia Treatment Quick Guide PDF


Azolla Manual PDF


Duckweed Manual PDF


Salvinia Manual PDF



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