To treat, eradicate, and prevent cyanobacteria, use REGEN-CyaNo.

The active element in REGEN-CyaNo, which is approved for the selective control of cyanobacteria in lakes, ponds, potable water, aquaculture, and wastewater, causes a strong oxidation reaction that obliterates chlorophyll and algal cell membranes, giving fast algae control.

To preserve your lakes, fishing and farming ponds, aquaculture sites, and other private water bodies attractive and secure, REGEN-CyaNo is the best option.

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Excessive nutrients that enter aquatic bodies through lawn and garden runoff, construction sites, wastewater discharges, detergent wastes, septic tank seepage, and agricultural runoff pose a hazard to many bodies of water. The dynamic growth of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and other aquatic algae is supported by an excess of nutrients, which can interfere with the intended uses of water and can pose health risks to people and animals. To keep your lakes, agricultural ponds, fishing ponds, sites, and other private water bodies safe for your enjoyment, use REGEN-CyaNo. Algae are immediately controlled by REGEN-CyaNo which creates a potent oxidation reaction that obliterates chlorophyll and algal cell membranes. Apply as soon as algae growth first occurs for the greatest effects.



An extremely effective algaecide, fungicide, and bactericide is Professional Strength Oxidizer.

  • Effective against many different types of algae and cyanobacteria Reduced toxicity and immediate algae control
  • More efficient than copper sulphate
  • No worries about run-off
  • Can be utilized in reservoirs and irrigation canals
  • Safe for all crops
  • A fantastic replacement for copper-based goods.



Surface water and irrigation water:

Cyanobacteria, also referred to as “blue green algae,” should be treated with granules disseminated over the entire volume of water using a hand spreader, gran-blow equipment, or by hand at a rate of 1 – 30g per m3.

Spot Treatment: Directly apply REGEN-CyaNo to the region that is covered in algae. With strong growth, retreat.

For complete usage instructions, consult the safety data sheet and product label. Only use as instructed.







REGEN-CyaNo® Label



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