Regen-Blue Liquid

Regen-Blue Liquid


Experience premium aquatic care with Parklink’s REGEN-Blue®, now at The Dam Doctor. This high-quality solution selectively blocks sunlight, hindering algae growth, all while safeguarding your pond’s inhabitants. With just 1 litre treating up to 5.7 million litres, enjoy efficiency that’s hard to beat.

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Discover Parklink’s REGEN-Blue Liquid, proudly offered by The Dam Doctor. Expertly crafted with premium colours adhering to European Food Additive Standards, this formulation promises a risk-free environment for fish, wildlife, insects, and pets.

How does Parklink’s REGEN-Blue® revolutionize pond maintenance? It targets the core need of sunlight for algae and weeds. By selectively filtering out red spectrum wavelengths, REGEN-Blue® interrupts photosynthesis, preventing the unwanted growth of submerged greenery.

Equally efficient and economical, a mere 1 litre of REGEN-Blue Liquid concentrate can treat up to 5.7 million litres of pond water. Trust in the power of Parklink’s solution for preserving your pond’s natural equilibrium.


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