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REGEN – Alguard


A commercial-grade liquid, copper-based algaecide called REGEN-Alguard® (or Alguard Plus) is used to safely, quickly, and effectively control a variety of filamentous and planktonic algae. REGEN-Alguard®, which is frequently used to manage algae in lakes, irrigation dams, decorative ponds, and other areas, contains up to 80% less copper than conventional (copper-based) algaecides. Fish, cattle, plants, pastures, and grass are not harmed by REGEN-Alguard® (when used as directed on the label).

REGEN-Alguard® works by making algae and cyanobacteria cells more vulnerable. The cells die and disintegrate into the water as a result of copper ions stopping photosynthesis. Little harm is done to aquatic organisms. Toxins that are still present biodegrade quickly. Unlike other substances, REGEN-Alguard® quickly disperses throughout the water body rather than sinking to the bottom or floating on top

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The treatment of aquatic weeds and algae can cause oxygen loss due to dead biomass and decomposition. The loss of oxygen can lead fish and invertebrate  to suffocate. In  order to reduce this risk, it is advised that no more than half of the water body is treated and to wait 14 days at the least between treatments.


How to use:

Alguard plus should be applied to ensure even distribution of the treatment across your body of water. In larger water bodies, diluting the water can achieve the best distribution. Re-treat water when regrowth appears or for seasonal control (if desired). Repeating this process too soon after initial treatment may have no effect.


To enable fish to move into untreated regions, start treatment on the shoreline and work outward in bands. Intracellular contents may be released into the water as a result of the use of algaecides on cyanobacterial blooms with high densities. These intracellular compounds can be linked to some forms of mammalian hepato and nervous system toxins. Therefore, avoid using this product when blooms of cyanobacteria that produce toxins are present in high concentrations in order to reduce the possibility of toxin leakage.


The potential acute toxicity to aquatic organisms other than the target species is increased by a number of water characteristics, such as low pH (6.5), low dissolved organic carbon (DOC) levels (3.0 mg/L or lower), and “soft” waters (i.e., alkalinity less than 50 mg/L). The application rates listed on the label are suitable for water with pH levels greater than 6.5, DOC concentrations larger than 3.0 mg/L, and alkalinity higher than 50 mg/L. Koi, trout, and other delicate species of fish may be destroyed when treated in waters with pH values below 6.5, DOC levels below 3, and alkalinity levels below 50 ppm.

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