Algae Skimmer

Algae Skimmer 152cm


The Algae Sweeper is a practical, pain free tool used to remove algae with a simple sweep. Reducing the nutrient load with the Algae Skimmer makes the process of treating water bodies with algaecides, such as Coptrol, quicker and more effective.


NOTE: due to the size of the 152cm Algae Skimmer, shipping via courier can not be delivered to PO Boxes

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The Algae Skimmer is available in both  95cm and 1.52cm sizes, specifically designed to make the removal of algae quick and easy. By using the Algae Skimmer to remove pesky algae infestations increases the effectiveness of algaecides such as Coptrol, aimed at controlling algae within your water body.


How the Algae Skimmer works:

When used alongside algaecides, partially removing algae with the Algae Skimmer will accelerate the treatment process.  Skimming algae decreases the nutrient load held, therefore allowing you to use smaller amounts of algicide, such as Coptrol, when treating your water body. The mesh screen on the Algae Skimmer is designed to scoop up algae with every simple sweep. When lifting the sweeper out of the water, the mesh screen traps algae ready for disposal, meaning you are not just moving algae around. The Algae Skimmer is ideal for medium sized water bodies. This product is a must have if you have algae infested water.


How is it used?

Simply throw mesh net into algae infested water and slowly pull on rope, just like netting fish! For health and safety of others and the environment, algae is best to be disposed of immediately.


Algae Skimmer Product Brochure PDF



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