Aquatic Clear Drop Block 3kg


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Aquatic Clear Drop Block is a cost-effective flocculant ideal for use in flowing water or hard to reach areas such as storm water drains. Place the block close to the inlet of running water and it will cause suspended sediment (such as silt, clay, or algae) to drop to the bottom of the waterbody. Aquatic Clear Drop Block rapidly improves the quality and appearance of murky or cloudy dams and ponds, with results noticeable in 24 to 36 hours.

Results of any flocculant may be affected by rainfall, so longer term solutions may include other management systems, such as creating run off filters, improving dam edges, or adding aeration to maintain clear water.

Aquatic Clear Drop Block is safe for use around fish, aquatic plants, wildlife, the environment or water used for irrigation and drinking.

Apply as directed in the tables below.

Aquatic Clear Drop Block Application Rates

Aquatic Clear Drop Block Brochure


Aquatic Clear Drop Block Safety Data Sheet



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