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– Improves water clarity
– Reduces odours
– Easy application

Aquatic Waterbac helps to restore the natural balance of your waterbody for better water clarity and nicer smelling water. Waterbac not only restores your waterbody, but prevents the growth of algae and aquatic weeds by removing excess phosphorus, nitrogen, nitrate, ammonia, decomposing organic matter, sludge and other excess nutrients.


Want to eliminate or control your weeds? The Weed Razer is the perfect combination of products to get the job done, removing unseen and problematic aquatic weeds from your pond, dam or lake ine a pain free swipe.

  • Ideal for larger bodies of water
  • V shaped blade
  • Includes a 7.6m floated rope
  • Comes included with a blade sharpener
  • Cuts a path 0.84m wide

The Aquatic Weed Razer removes problematic, hidden aquatic weeds from your pond, dam or lake effortlessly.

  • Adjustable V-shaped blades
  • Folds – making storage easy
  • Weighs 4.8kg
  • Cuts a path 1.57m wide
  • Includes a 7.6m floating rope and a handheld blade sharpener

NOTE: due to the size of this product shipping is via courier and can not be delivered via PO Box.

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